A food group born in 2020 following the merger of Sud & Sol and Dessaint

Our know-how and specialities

Gamme Végétale

Plant-based Range

Marinated vegetables

Snacking and vegetarian dishes

Vegetable sauces and spreads

Gamme Gourmet

Gourmet Range

Crepes and pancakes

Sweet and savoury pastries

World foods

Our production sites

4 Production units

600 Employees

Different sales networks

Retail Food service Industry

France & International

Carte de France

Gender equality index 83/100 * * applies to the company Premium Foods Solutions

The quality of our products and services

at the heart of our business quality and respect for taste

Our brands

Strong and unique product brands in their respective markets


A friendly brand, of pleasure, sharing and different flavours.
Enhanced vegetables for appetizers or a healthy and tasty vegetable experience.

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A brand recognised by restaurant professionals due to the quality of the products and the unique know-how of Sud & Sol.
These vegetables enhanced and extremely tasty to complement your daily dishes in the kitchen.

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An exploring brand of flavours, of different and original gourmet products.
The famous fresh pancakes to enjoy at any time of the day by all the family

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Our Values

At the heart of fundamental consumer trends and developments



All the group ranges reply to this new vegetal trend & desire. An expertise which is 100% vegetal with recipes based on vegetables, pulses, seeds etc.

Healthy desire "clean label"

Healthy desire "clean label"

The most natural, pure and longlasting ingredients.
To guarantee pleasure and taste without any added artificial ingredients.
This is our commitment.



A real know-how and expertise in the manufacture of products.
Pancakes as if they were homemade, and vegetables preserved and cooked with passion to keep their original taste, texture and colours.

Local consumption

Local consumption

All our branded Ensoleil’ade et Dessaint traiteur products are made in France. We are taking great care in our raw materials origin : primarily France or the most flavourful varieties according to season



Already well-established in natural quality with their short and clean ingredients list, Ensoleil'ade and Dessaint Traiteur
had only one step to take to offer a range of organic products. It’s now done with the “Et c’est… Bio” cross-sectional range, and our soft organic pancakes